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Not only in winter and not only in summer – some things here in Seefeld can be discovered all year round. The activities included not only the usual, old acquaintances. Here, we can also surprise you and show you something new. Make your holiday here your personal highlight, no matter what time of year it is, since there is always something interesting to do and discover. Who knows, maybe one of these things will even become your new passion.

walking with alpacas

A walk, it’s fun, a walk, it’s beautiful but have you ever seen people hiking with alpacas? No? It is something very unusual and yet possible on the high-altitude plateau in Seefeld. Here you can walk through the landscape with a fluffy companion and experience the probably most unforgettable walk of your life. If the animal’s cute look still hasn’t convinced you, you’ll discover your love for alpacas at the latest when you see its soft fur.


It’s time to get out the high heels, put on your jacket and visit the casino in Seefeld. Special evenings are always held here, where the restaurant Le Treize is also located. A very special culinary highlight in the middle of the Seefeld casino world. Guests spend a glamorous evening here between roulette and poker, not too far from the dasMAX. Experience here the attraction of the chips and end your day in style.

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experiences with local guides

Get special tips with the dasMAX local guides. Here, we introduce you to the places that otherwise only locals know and which have something very special to offer.

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other activities

Many opportunities for activities all year round, but you want more? You want something unusual and we’ll show you exactly where you can find it. It doesn’t always have to be the typical activities. Here in Seefeld, you can discover something extraordinary all year round. From activities in the forest to sightseeing of a different kind, we have a lot to offer. How will you discover the Olympic region?

forest bathing

Shinrin-Yoku is considered a medicine in its country of origin, Japan, and is used widely. Hardly anyone in this country knows the art of forest bathing. On the high-altitude plateau in Seefeld, however, it is possible to take advantage of this somewhat different medical treatment and become at one with yourself, your spirit, your soul and the forest. Experience Shinrin-Yoku in the forests around Seefeld and enjoy the good, fresh mountain air and the wonderful view of the beautiful Tyrolean mountains.

horse carriage ride

There are many different ways to take a trip around dasMax and explore Seefeld. A horse carriage ride through the small alleys with a wonderful view of the Tyrolean Alps is especially romantic. Wrapped up warmly, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the snowy landscape even in the freezing cold and feel like Sissi and Franz did back then. You can also pick up a tip or two from the local coachmen and discover special restaurants and shops in the area.

tracking as we used to

Hundreds of years ago, people were already finding animal prints and assigning them to the corresponding animals, thus tracking and hunting them. Tracking is still practised today and is enjoying increasing popularity. Even if the hunting component is omitted in Seefeld, you can observe the animals up close and see how they behave in their natural habitat – a fascinating experience on the high-altitude plateau for young and old.

brewing beer

Some like drinking it, others are also into the composition of the ingredients and the production process – beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks. Here, not only can you learn a lot about how to prepare it, but you can also taste different kinds. All of this, of course, responsibly. It’s a very special experience that probably few people in the Olympic region can imagine. It’s definitely fun and you can show off at home with your newly acquired expertise.