Biking in Seefeld

explore the region on two wheels

biking in summer around dasMAX

Explore the region at a faster pace. Thanks to the many well-maintained trails in Seefeld, the routes are especially good for racing down the mountain, pedalling at a slower pace up the mountain or simply cruising along a flat route. From easy to difficult stretches, everything is here for you. You will also find the bike tours easier due to the good signposting and wide cycle paths. For those are not sure of their fitness level, we recommend an e-bike for long and steep trails. The small engines assist here.

ride your bike

As Queen had already sung back in the day: “I want to ride my bicycle”. It’s still not any different here today. Jump on the two wheels and set off. That’s how easy it is in the Olympic region. Here, you can cycle towards every direction of the sky and will find beautiful bike trails. Some are easy, some are difficult – a perfect mix for all levels. Be brave and venture out on to various routes. Experience the idyllic or the fast-paced side of Seefeld – leisurely without a climb or strive to be first up the mountain and then action-packed on a trail down towards the valley.

your guide from dasMAX

True explorers and real locals have chosen and tested our dasMAX local guides for you. They are not only very helpful but also a nice souvenir.

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mobility e-bike

Get active and jump on your bike! We give you the opportunity to go beyond your limits without overexerting yourself. With the dasMAX e-Bike, you ride longer, further and more comfortably on the mountains in the surrounding area. Just hire a bike directly at reception and start the bike tour immediately. The electric bike is especially popular for tours with ascents.

mountain ropeways and lifts

You prefer downhill to uphill? This is no problem here in Seefeld. Some of the countless mountain railways offer the option of taking your bike uphill in comfort. Afterwards, you can immediately take a trail downhill or treat yourself to some light refreshment before heading back downhill.

very special trails

Off without a plan? Not with us! We select our routes according to our current level of fitness, only ride to places we really want to see and only take tours that we think are suitable. We have selected special routes for you to make sure that you don’t just go on a route that you don’t like at the end of the day. Browse a little and find your ideal route. We are quite sure that you will find it here in the Olympic region.

wetterstein tour

Length: approx. 77.8 km

This route around the Wetterstein mountain range is especially demanding, but also especially beautiful. Great views and a good portion of variety make the route even more interesting.


Length: approx. 11.2 km

Are you looking for a cycle path with lots of peace and quiet, beautiful views and opportunities for a short break with refreshments? Then this route is just right. More than a spectacular mountain panorama awaits you here.

gaistal-seebensee trail

Length: approx. 11.6 km

Experience one of the most beautiful places in Tyrol. Cycling towards Seebensee by bike is wonderful, but nothing beats the lake itself, with the Drachensee waiting for you after a short walk.


Length: approx. 14.3 km

Along the Isar River, you can discover a lot along this path. Here it’s not only cycling, but also exploring. With the route through the Isar spring area, a visit to the springs is ideal.