Breakfast in the Max

tasty and packed with energy

for a good start to the day

Get your day off to, not only a good, but also a tasty start. You don’t need to go far since the dasMAX bistro is practically in the same building. Here, you can find everything you can imagine for a proper breakfast. Here, you can get your energy for the day since we are not going to send you on your discoveries with an empty stomach. But even if it’s going to be a relaxed day for you, you can still gain a lot from breakfast in our bistro. After all, it’s hard to say no to delicious food.

we let you look at the menus

Are you someone who prefers to see the menu before going somewhere to eat? Some of us are definitely like that and so we don’t want to keep our menu from you. Here, you will find all the delicious things we offer to start the morning. If you prefer to be surprised, we think that’s okay too.

discover menu

really fresh

Discovering the region is not only about the nature, but also the food. We at dasMAX swear by our fresh products. We love tasting the difference and are especially proud of our freshness. Come to dasMAX and see for yourself the quality of our dishes. You won’t regret it!