Hiking in Seefeld

trails with unique views

hiking in summer around dasMAX

Hiking is very well-suited to stomping around in nature, discovering the region and enjoying the fresh mountain air. Numerous hiking trails, walking routes and tours offer you a wide range of options and show you the most beautiful spots in Seefeld and its surroundings. Whether you want to conquer a summit, visit a picturesque mountain lake or simply enjoy a tasty Tyrolean refreshment depends on you and your route. All that’s clear is that you can discover areas which you can usually only set eyes on in photographs.

hiking around seefeld

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – hiking in the Olympic region is simply good. Anytime, anywhere, you will always find trails, places and destinations that you have not yet seen. Discover the surroundings by foot and find details that would pass you by with other means of transport. We will show you which trails are really worth exploring and where the most beautiful destinations and viewing points are – or where they most tasty mountain hut food can be found. Go far and then even further, push your boundaries and experience a new kind of hiking in the Olympic region.

local guides in pocketbook format

In future, one of the dasMAX local guides will be an important companion through Seefeld. They were chosen and made for you by true locals.

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mountain ropeways and lifts

The road is long, the road is steep. Luckily for everyone who would like to ascend more easily, there are lots of mountain ropeways and lifts in the Olympic region, which will quickly take you hundreds of metres high. The view up there is spectacular and the hikes to summit are then not so far. The refreshment at the end tastes just as good as it does after having marched all the way up by foot.

lakes around seefeld

The name of the place is not just a coincidence. Lake enthusiasts never cease to be amazed here. Be it the Seebensee, the Drachensee or one of the other beautiful lakes, they are all worth seeing. We find this special attraction of our environment rather unique and assign to it the “must see” label.

mountain huts

Part of a decent hike is also good food. There are, of course, numerous excellent mountain huts here. There you will not only find delicacies of Tyrolean cuisine, but you will also have a fantastic view over the region. This makes the ascent even more worthwhile.

where the road leads you

There was a time when we just chose a route and followed the signs. Here, you will find tours where you will already know in advance what awaits you. This means you can look for exactly the route you like, which fits in your day and which matches your level of difficulty. The Olympic region offers an outstanding choice of everything we can imagine when it comes to hiking. Everything is here – from easy stroll-like hikes to true monster hikes which show our calves no mercy. It’s up to you to just choose one!

mental power trail

Length: approx. 13 m

Discover a mental journey to nothing other than yourself. Here, you can recharge your batteries at special places of energy and take the time to breathe. The four elements also play an important role here.

geisterklamm gorge

Length: approx. 3.6 km

Discover the mystical history of the Geisterklamm gorge against a breathtaking backdrop. Here, you will experience wonderful nature high up above the stream. The more ambitious can also go to the waterfall path.

kneipp hike

Length: approx. 7.6 km

Experience a different kind of hike. Especially good for hot days, thanks to the refreshing Kneipp water therapy, you can even spoil yourself on this trail and give your immune system a boost. Can you think of anything better than that?

culture hike

Length: approx. 4.3 km

Fancy discovering both nature and culture? Then this trail is just for you. Interesting spots and beautiful nature are waiting for you from Reith bei Seefeld to Leithen. A dream!