our bistro

more than just breakfast

a bistro for one and all

Welcome to our dasMAX Bistro. Here, you can not only have a delicious snack, but much more. Our bistro is located directly in the building but is not only open to our guests. This is also the place to meet for the latest gossip. We can also offer you a delicious breakfast, a pick-me-up coffee or a tasty lunch. We understand that you are sometimes in a hurry or would prefer to eat somewhere else, so you can also take everything with you.

snacking time, every time

We don’t want any rigid mealtimes. We get up before dawn to discover nature or sleep so late that it would actually be time for lunch again. We have our dasMAX Snacks so that you always have something to eat and take with you on your discovery tour.

a peek at our menu

lunch menus with something for everyone

It’s lunchtime, food is there! The dasMAX Bistro offers you and all our guests a tasty and inexpensive lunch menu. You can also try our delicious tarte flambée or replenish your energy with the other dishes. Whatever you decide, we are here to take care of it.

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“Stay hydrated” with our drinks

Exploring the region thirsty is not an option. So that you are always provided with plenty of delicious drinks, we offer not only drinks to enjoy here, but of course also to take away from our bistro. You can choose not only between hot and cold, but also between various sizes and flavours. This is liquid intake without boredom.

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