Simply mobile

and climate-neutral too!

You can get from A to B very comfortably from dasMAX. Thanks to our e-bikes, our e-scooters and our e-car, you can even choose your favourite vehicle yourself. Decide for yourself which one suits you best!

Don’t let anything stop you!

e-bikes for explorers

You really enjoy cycling, but might run out of power during longer distances or going uphill? We’ve got the ideal solution for you. Just rent one of our e-bikes at reception and turn on the engine if necessary. 100% of the bike experience with less effort – so you will definitely reach your destination and discover the region without any restrictions. Experience an electric bike tour and ride into your adventure directly from dasMAX.

mobile with e-scooters

We’re the coolest when we’re cruising and jetting through the city with the dasMAX-e-scooters! Walking was yesterday, today you drive electric scooters. They’re very practical and you can easily rent one at reception and go exploring. Whether long or short distances, flat or uphill – with a stylish e-scooter, nothing can quickly put a stop to your plans.


The future is electric, also at dasMAX. From our hotel, you can travel further distances easily, quietly and in an environmentally friendly way by electric car. Not only efficient and beautiful, but also really sustainable. Just ask at reception and whiz off. This makes every destination easily and conveniently accessible. You are welcome to ask us for information about our cool new car at any time.


No unnecessary rush before arriving at dasMAX, but simply and relaxed by car or train. Thanks to the best transport connections, you can arrive in a relaxed manner. The railway station is less than 1 minute away by foot and Seefeld can also be reached from the INN airport in around 25 minutes. Simply take the exit for Zirl-Ost/Seefeld on the Inntal motorway, or, from Germany, reach us on the national road via Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Mittenwald. You will definitely find us, thanks to good signposting.

comfortable arrival by train

With a train station 1 minute walking distance from our hotel, arrival by train is very convenient. Just get off at the Seefeld stop.

search connection

easy access by car

You can easily reach us from any direction – whether from Germany via the national road near Mittenwald or on the Inntal motorway to the Zirl-Ost/Seefeld exit.

route planning